Money Penny Goes For Broke (take 2)

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Renderer : Parthenon


i'm very interested by this one, alot! ^_^

I'm not sure how you did it, but you made a perfect resin or plastic material for her. she looks like a real anime figurine O_o WOW

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If it looks like a figurine, my attempt is success.

I tried to mimic or tried to do what you did with her using materials in vray. but didn't have alot of luck :(

is it ok if I show some renders of your model?

I read this Warning, updated 2008;
"Please do not reproduce without prior permission."

So I just want to ask if it was ok. I will add copyright(c) 2008 Malariax to any renders, and will only show them here


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No problem. Go ahead.
I prohibit only the illegal and silly act.

there was my attempt at your plastic look. not really that good, though I'm happy for the pose. also I know the face looks weird, this is because i tried adding a new face map.

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Thank you for your works.
I guess that it was hard work.